The Spanish Golden Visa Application

At RRBD Law, we are delighted to offer our exclusive Spanish Golden Visa Application Service, designed to cater to the aspirations of discerning individuals in the Philippines seeking to establish their presence in Spain.

As a testament to the longstanding historical and cultural ties between the Philippines and Spain, the Spanish government has opened its doors to Filipino nationals through the Golden Visa program.

The Golden Visa program serves as a gateway for Filipinos to invest in Spain, contribute to its economy, and enjoy the benefits of residency in this enchanting country. Recognizing the strong bilateral relations and the potential for mutually beneficial collaboration, Spain welcomes Filipino investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to pursue their professional aspirations or enjoy a high standard of living.

Our specialized service is tailored to streamline the Golden Visa application process for Filipino clients, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive support. We navigate the complexities of Spanish immigration laws and regulations, providing expert guidance to maximize the chances of a successful application.

With our client-centric approach, we prioritize confidentiality, professionalism, and personalized attention, understanding the unique circumstances and aspirations of each client. Our dedicated team of immigration experts remains committed to delivering exceptional service, ensuring a seamless and rewarding journey toward obtaining Spanish residency.


Joseph Randolph P. Barlongay

Jesus Rafael M. De Castro